Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Break Florida Trip

I am finally back after taking a few days off to get settled at school for the spring semester! It is only the second day of classes but I am already quite busy. So I will probably be blogging only a few times a week now that I am back in school.

As you may know I went to Florida for a week before school started back up again to visit my grandparents. I had lots of fun and I am wishing it was not 10 degrees with snow here :( While I can't magically bring warmth back (sadly) I did take some fun pictures while I was away that I thought I would share with you!

I hope you enjoy basking in the warm weather for a few minutes ;)

I had WAY to much orange ice cream from Country Side Citrus!

Breathtaking sunset 
Breakfast on the beach at Jaycee Park Seaside Grill!
Lunch at the Cobalt
Turtle in the yard
Lunch at La Madeleine (ps: I really enjoyed this casual restaurant) 
Nothing beats fresh Florida orange juice!
Ocean View
Shopping at the Millenia Mall in Orlando  

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