Tuesday, March 1, 2016

San Diego Travel Log

As promised I am sharing with you some pictures from my trip to San Diego from last week. I don't have a ton of great pictures as I was taking just a few here and their on my iPhone. I also did not get to do alot of stuff in the city because I was their for a conference. So by the time the days were over it was hard to go see much. I also got sick right before coming home which was not fun either! Though the weather was amazing and I loved being able to experience a new part of the country. 

I Visited Balboa Park though it was night time so not much was open to see

I visited Sea World for the first time and it was so much fun. The dolphins were so cute and entertaining to watch!

I took a ferry to visit Coronado Island though it was only for a few hours in between sessions at the conference

Hotel Del Coronado 

Quick beach visit (notice I am still in my business suit)!

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