Monday, April 10, 2017

Current Favorites

Since it has almost been I week since I last posted anything I thought I would start the week off by sharing with you some of my favorites I have been loving the past few weeks. I have just been extra busy between school work, sorority, and work that I have hardly had any extra time for blogging but I have a few days off this week for Easter so I am hoping to catch up on posts. I can't wait for a mini break only two more days of school! 

Since I have not posted a favorites in almost a month this is just a random mix of things I have been loving the past month or so! I hope you enjoy and are having a great Monday. The weather is FINALLY feeling like spring which makes me so happy.

Southern Charm // I have definitely included this in other posts but this is my favorite reality TV show mostly because it takes place in Charleston. It started this past week and I can already tell it is going to be a good season!

Panera Bread Green Goddess Salad // I haven't been into Panera Bread in a long time but recently I tried this salad and I now seem to be craving it all the time. It has egg, avocado, bacon and chicken and the dressing is so good. I would definitely recommend this salad!

Old Navy Swing Dress // I stopped into Old Navy last week to take a look around and I ended up getting this swing dress. While I didn't need it I couldn't resist the cheap price tag! I am wearing it today and it's so comfortable I see this being a summer go to. Look out for an outfit post with it in the coming week. 

Ed Sheeran Happier // I recently have been loving this song I just find it really catchy and moving. 

Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag // I have another bag I am adding to my "luxury wish list". I keep seeing this bag pop up everywhere and I love the look of it!

Lifesum App // While I have been trying my very hardest to workout more and lose a few pounds that I gained I also have been trying to be better about tracking what I eat in a day. I downloaded this app over the summer but recently have really been trying to make a habit of using it. This is one of the best calorie tracking apps I have ever found. It's free and only costs money if you want to pay for premium. While I haven't lost too much weight yet I am definitely more aware of what I am eating! 


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