Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favs

These flowers are so pretty my parents got me last week for an honors society induction!
Weekend Plans: I don't think I have ever needed a weekend more than this one! This week was rough I had a ton of assignment do this week which made for some very late nights (3pm is to late). Today is my last day at Ralph Lauren for the summer because I already leave for South Carolina in two weeks! Saturday my dad is visiting for a parent's day my sorority is having (my mom/sister were busy) which should be fun. Then I am heading home with him after to celebrate my mom's birthday for the rest of the weekend. We have some fun things planned that I am not going to share until after in case my mom is reading this ;)

Before we get into my favorites I wanted to quickly mention that I love this new style for it and I am going to try to do one every week however some weeks might be a lot shorten then others! I also would love any suggestions for more categories I could add! 

Pom Pom Earrings: I don't plan on buying these anytime soon as my bank statement this month is a bit high (I blame Vineyard Vines) but I just think these statement earrings are so fun and would go so cute with a simple t-shirt!

Lake Pajamas: I am a totally sucker for cute pajamas and these ones look so comfortable plus there striped so you can't go wrong.

Tory Burch Wedges: I think you could give me any pair of Tory Burch shoes and I would love them. I seriously love all of her shoes. I already have a pair of boots and flats and I want a pair of Miller sandals so freaking bad. Anyways I came across these and thought they would be a perfect shoe to wear when I am older and have a job. Wouldn't they be so cute with work pants? Ohh and did I mention they are called Melanie wedges!! 

Key Lime Milano's: I love key lime pie so when I saw these this week at Target I had to try them. They are pretty good I mean I wouldn't say there amazing but that are interesting. You definitely can taste the lime flavor in them!

Bai Sparkling Water: They sell these on campus and our convince type store and I have to say I am kind of addicted to these. I have never in my life craved pop or fizzy drinks but recently I have been loving sparkling water and flavored sparkling water for a little treat! I have only tried the blood orange flavor so I would love to know if any others are worth a try. 

Grey's Anatomy: I have been watching Grey's for years now but I never watched it from the very beginning so I decided to start it on Netflix and now I know why it's so popular. I am only on season two but OG Grey's is so good! 


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