Monday, April 3, 2017

Year Of Fun: March 2017

I am excited to share with you the fun things that I planned for the month of March. I had some fun things planned for the beginning for the month but after I got back from spring break things were a bit blah. When I started this year of fun challenge I knew that some months would be more exciting than others, but I realized this month that if I am going to make these fun things happen I have to plan them ahead of time. I don't mean big trips but even little things like going out to dinner. All these things take time and with such a busy schedule unless I think about things I want to do ahead of time then I get into the same routine. I am excited to see what things I do in April but my goal is to plan them out ahead of time! 

1. New Hair Color // When I was home for break I went to the hair salon and decided to lighten the color and get blond highlights! I love the way it turned out and it got my ready for the warmer months. Their is just something about a change in your hair that feels so refreshing. 

2. Spa & Shopping // Also when I was home for break my sister, mom, and I had a super fun girls day. We started the day getting a Starbucks which turned into us also finding the Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottles which was a nice surprise. We then headed to a really nice spa to get a pedicure which I REALLY needed. After the spa we went to the mall and did some shopping. We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant we had never tried and the food was SO good! 

3. Quick Trip To Florida // After I got my work schedule for the week I was on break I had a three day window to do something and after wishing I was in warm weather my dad and I made a quick trip to Vero Beach. I got to visit my grandparents, shop for some Lilly, spend time at the beach & pool, and eat lots of seafood! While the trip was super quick is was so nice to go with my dad. 

4. Snow Days // We had a random snow storm the week of St. Patrick's day which lead to us having TWO snow days which is crazy for college to cancel two days of classes! I was SO lazy and literally laid in bad for two whole days and watched Netflix and movies but it was kind of fun to do nothing. After two days though I was getting restless and was glad the snow was cleared. Obviously this wasn't planned but I had to include it! 

5. High School Friends // My friends from high school all had spring break the week after me but I was able to go home one day after class and grab dinner with them. We went to this new Thai restaurant that just opened up which was amazing! I had such a fun time catching up as I had not seen them in months. 


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