Monday, April 17, 2017

Manchester Vermont Travel Log: Where To Stay, Where To Eat & What To Do

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter Sunday! I spend the weekend in Vermont and the weather the whole weekend was so nice. It looked like it was going to rain a ton but the rain ended up holding off and it was a perfect weekend. We decided to spend a few nights in Manchester because we had visited for a day last year but didn't spent as much time as we would have liked to. So we went back and explored more of the town. I love the peaceful feel the small town has but their is plenty to see and do as well. I thought I would share my travel recommendations with you in case you ever happened to travel here. I completely failed at taking pictures this weekend so I really don't have any but I am going to still talk in depth about our mini trip!

Where To Stay // Pretty much all of the area consists of small inns that people stay at. Their is no large hotels other than the Equinox Resort. So we stayed at the Hill Farm Inn which was a quick five minute drive into town. It was so peaceful and it felt like you were in the middle of the county side but we just had to drive a few minutes and we were near everything. The staff was so nice, the place was decorated beautifully, and the room we stayed in was just as nice. They had a fire place, bar, game room, and barn with animals. They also had breakfast every morning that was included in the stay and it was AMAZING. They made the food fresh everyday and I had some of the best tasting pancakes while their. On Easter they made a special brunch and that food was amazing too. I would highly recommend this place to stay! I added some pictures below that I did not take but they are exactly how the place was.

Where To Eat // We ate at a bunch of different places and the food was all really good. The town has  a lot of restaurants given that it's a small town and their are definitely some we would love to try in the future but here is where we ended up eating.

* Depot Cafe: We ate dinner here the first night and this place is really interesting as it is a furniture store and cafe. The food was amazing and I would definitely go back again. I got the chicken dish and we shared the mushroom pizza which was also really good. My dad got the salmon which was really good to. It's not completely sit down as you order at a counter but the food was so good!

* Spiral Press Cafe: We ate lunch here and this place was a cafe and bookstore. Me and my sister split a tuna sandwich which was really good. We also got cutout cookies to eat later which were the perfect fix for a sweet tooth! 

* Ye Olde Tavern: This restaurant was recommended to a use by a guy we asked in town. The decor is very colonial but it worked with the building. The menu had a lot of home style items like turkey, pot roast, and chicken pot pie. I ended up getting the pot roast which was excellent. The service and food here was very good! I would definitely go back here again for a nice dinner. 

* The Dorset Inn: The was an inn and restaurant that also had a colonial type setting. We made reservations here for a special Easter brunch they were having. I want to say this place was amazing too but to be honest it really wasn't. The food was just average but the service was the worst part. Maybe we just got unlucky with our server or maybe they were just extra busy with it being Easter but I probably wouldn't go back here which is disappointing because the building was really cool. I would say to check it out for yourself and make your own opinion but I am just giving you our experience.  

* The Perfect Wife: While we didn't eat here on this trip we ate here the last time we visited for the day and the food here was really good. I would for sure recommend this place for a great dinner.  

Places To Try Next Time: Mulligans, Silver Fork & Gringo Jack's 

What To Do // For being a small town their is lots to do in the area from shopping to being outdoors. 

* Manchester Outlets: This is the main reason we went last time so we did some shopping this time around again as well. The stores are spread out around the town so you can get a little walk in too. My favorite store here is the Vineyard Vines because they have some really good deals! 

* Orvis Headquarters: Orvis started in Manchester so they have a large store but the main attraction for us was going to the trout pound on the property. They have a large pound and you can feed the fish! They also have fly fishing lessons you can take which I think would be cool to do even though we didn't do that this time.  

* Equinox Trail: We did a short walk on Easter which was quite a sight because we were all dressed up in our Easter gear walking on this hiking trail but the weather was just too nice not to be outside. This place as tons of trails depending on how adventurous you are feeling.  

Things To Do Next Time: Orvis Fly Fishing, Off Roading & Hildene Home

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