Friday, January 9, 2015

Current Favs:

Bonus content for having a snow day today because well I have some spare time and I have not done one of these posts in forever!!! 

1. This cake I made over break when we had company over. It's SO GOOD you must try it!!! 

2. My Vineyard Vines shep shirt I order for 30% off. 

3. I have spent way to much time watching Gossip Girl (#amazing). 

4. OMG I am so excited for the new Lilly Pulitzer for Target line that is coming out this spring. I know where I will be buying my graduation dress now as I was never a fan of the Lilly price tag ;) 

5. I got a membership to the YMCA and I have really enjoyed going to the gym to work out. I like the gym way better then working out at home. 

6. L'occitane hand lotion that I got for a gift is amazing and it smells really good. 

7. I have been loving smoothies lately for breakfast. They are easy and healthy to make. 

8. Sperry duck boots enough said ;) 

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