Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vineyard Vines Party Shep Shirt


It has been a busy/productive two days for me. Yesterday I spent most of the day studying for a mid term I took today. Today I took my midterm, worked on scholarships and a bunch of blog related things. I have the next two days to get even more done as I am done with exams. These days off have been nice just to catch up on a bunch of things. As for the weather I am just sick of if and wondering if the snow will ever stop. As for you guys in the center of the snow storm stay warm and safe. 

To cheer everyone up in the dead of winter I decided to throw in some colors on the blog. If you remember about a month ago I posted the picture of a Vineyard Vines box I got in the mail. Well this  colorful Shep shirt is what I ordered. I had it on my Christmas list and decided to get it after it was really on sale. It's the perfect casual weekend top to wear and I love it even more in person. While Vineyard Vines is one of my favorite preppy brands I had never order anything from them because of the price. However I must say there items are worth the price. There packaging, branding and quality of items is on point. I mean the box and wrapping paper even had whales on it (how cute?). Not to mention the story of how the brand came about is so inspirational. In true Vineyard Vines form "Everyday day should feel this good"! 


Shep Shirt: Vineyard Vines / Jeans: Loft / Boots: Sperry / Monogram Necklace: My Name Necklace  / Buffalo Necklace: Shout Buffalo  / Earrings: Miadora  

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