Monday, January 12, 2015

Sweater Dress

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend even with the cold and all. I know I did as we had a surprise three day weekend with a snow day on Friday. I literally stayed in my pajamas until  4 o'clock on Friday. Saturday was really fun as it was my sister birthday so we celebrated in style by going out for breakfast, ice skating, shopping and going out to dinner. While I might still be recovering from how much food I ate, I had a really good time getting dressed up and going out to eat. 

Today's outfit features a dress I got for Christmas this year and I love it. Sweater dresses are one of those things that can go one of two ways: either they are super cute or really ugly. I really like the idea of them as they can keep you warm but still look chic. While it's so cold this week I don't even think a sweater dress would work I really adore this simple look I wore last week. I would love a bigger, longer necklace to wear with this dress (i.e.: Cinco Powell) but for not this will do ;) 

Dress: Old Navy (similar) / Boots: Macy's / Boot Socks: L.L. Bean (similar) / Bangle: Moon and Lola / Earrings: Charming Charlie's (similar) 

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