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4th Of July In DC Travel Log

I spent 4th of July this year in D.C. with my sister for a few days. We decided to book the trip this past spring after my family staying in D.C. for Easter this year and had such a fun time. The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays so I couldn't think of a better place to spend it than the capital. It was quite hot and busy at times but we had an awesome time. Today I am sharing a travel log of what we did in case you are looking for suggestions for your next trip to the city. I am going to start by answering the basic questions and then I am going to get into what we did each day! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you may have if going to D.C.  

The Basics 

1. How Did We Get There? We flew to the city because we only were there from Tuesday to Thursday so we wanted to be able to spend as much time in the city as we could without taking up too much time traveling. We flew JetBlue into the Ronald Regan Airport. We chose this airport because there was a direct subway line from the airport into the city. 

2. How Did We Get Around? We took the subway everywhere we went. We bought a subway card and just filled it with about $15. We had to reload it once but we didn't spend more than $20 on transportation.  

3. Where Did We Stay? We stayed in an AirB&B in Foggy Bottom. It was the perfect location because it was close super close to the subway, a Trader Joe's along with many restaurants, and it was walking distance from Georgetown. This was not the original area we planned to stay in but our original AirB&B had a water main break in it a few days before so we were not going to be able to stay there. So at the last minute, we had to scramble to find someplace else for not a crazy expensive price. The place we ended up staying wasn't amazing but it worked. The location was really great though. 

How Long Were We There? We flew into D.C. on July 3rd and got in around 10 a.m. and we flew out at 5 p.m. on July 5th. We had enough time to explore different things without it being too short. 

Travel Log Day One (July 3rd)

Like I said we got into the city on Tuesday morning around 10 a.m. We took the subway to our AirB&B and checked-in. Once we were settled in we packed our bags and headed to Georgetown for the day. We went shopping on M Street and the local area. My favorite stores in the Georgetown area are Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Tuckernuck, J Crew, and Lululemon. Then we ate a late lunch at the Peacock Cafe. The food here was amazing and I would recommend this as a place to eat. We ate at lunch time so we had the lunch menu but the sandwiches and salads were very good. After lunch, we booked a tour with the National River Tours. This was a 45-minute boat ride on the Potomac River. It was very enjoyable and we got to see a different perspective of the city. After that, we grabbed cupcakes to take back to our apartment at Baked & Wired. They have some amazing cupcakes and even a gluten-free flavor as well. We were not super hungry for dinner so we walked to Trader Joe's for a light snack. We finished the night with cupcakes and The Batchelor. 

Travel Log Day Two (July 4th)

We slept in and had a slow start to the day which was what we needed after we got up so early for our flight the day before. We walked to breakfast after sleeping in and ate at the Cafe Deluxe. The food was really good and not too expensive. From there we went and watched most of the 4th of July parade on Constitution Ave right in front of the National Museum of American History. Once the parade was over we walked over to the museum. It was quite busy so we did have to wait a little while but the line moved pretty quickly. We spent a few hours in the museum which I was not thinking we were going to do as we are not huge history people but it was cool just walking around and looking at everything. Three flours is a lot to get through! They had a special exhibit featuring the dresses of different first ladies. We ended up just eating lunch here as well because there is just not much for food in the national mall. After the museum, we took the subway to The Pig for dinner. The food here was very fresh and tasty! After dinner, we grabbed a gelato at Dolcezza for dessert which was so close to dinner. The gelato was excellent and very refreshing in the heat. Once we were filled up on gelato we made our way to the Capitol building for the Capitol 4th Concert. We got there right around 8 pm when it was starting. We had to wait in the security line but it wasn't too long. We managed to find a spot on the grass near the back of the lawn. The concert was very cool however the fireworks were not easily visible for where we were. All along we thought the fireworks were set off behind the Capitol budding (that is what all the pictures show) but they are actually set off behind the monument. So our view of them wasn't great and they were SO QUICK but the concert was a once in a lifetime experience. After the concert was over we walked back to the subway and waited to get on one. It was crazy busy but we made it back.  

Travel Log Day Three (July 5th) 

For our last day in D.C. we only had the morning so after we packed up we took our stuff with us and headed to the District Wharf waterfront area. This area was so neat as I had never been to his part of the city before. We ate at the juice bar called Toastique and then we walked around the waterfront and went into some of the shops. This was a great end to our trip before we headed back to the airport.  


Well that was our quick trip in a blog post. I love doing these types of posts and I plan on doing more soon as I am going on three more trips this summer. I find a lot of times blogs are the best way to discover the best restaurants and must see places. 

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