Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Life Update: I Am Headed To Martha's Vineyard

This is probably going to be the worlds shortest blog post for me but I just wanted to hop on here quick and let you know that I leave for a trip to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow morning and I will not be back until Sunday night. I am going with my sister, my mom, and my sisters close friend. I have not been to MV since I graduated high school myself so I can't wait to be back!!! With that being said I was finally on top of things for once and have blog posts that I pre-uploaded. So there will still be new blog posts up while I am away on vacation. I am taking this time away to have a mini break from blogging and I am not even brining my laptop on this trip. I love blogging but I think it is so important to take mini breaks so you don't get burned out. Anyways I will be back to posting on Sunday or Monday with lots of new exciting content. I will be sure to share all about my trip when I come back! 

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