Saturday, July 14, 2018

Birthday List 2018

Well I can't believe it but my birthday is already in about two weeks and then I will officially be the big 21! I have always loved celebrating my birthday, making plans, and coming up with a birthday list. I still make a birthday list to give my family an idea of what I want. Every year I feel like my list ends up having some type of theme to it and this year seems to be the year of workout clothes. Ever since I started taking Pure Barre classes I have a new obsession with cute workout clothes I can wear on the weekends. I pretty much live in athletic clothes on the weekends because I don't want to dress up when I do that all week for work. So today I am sharing with you my birthday list for this year! Don't worry I will be sharing lots of posts about my birthday including what items I get once I celebrate my birthday in August. 


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