Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Quick Life Update

It has been a minute since I lasted posted a blog post so I wanted to share with you a quick update on where I have been. Long story short I have basically been traveling every week since July started and I finally am back home and needed some time to catch up on life. At the beginning of the month I went to D.C. for a couple of days for the 4th of July. Then the week after on July 11th I left for Martha's Vineyard with my sister, mom, and my sisters friend. We stayed until Sunday the 15th and had the BEST time. It was so much fun and I can't wait to share everything about the trip with you. Then once I got back from that trip I had two days at home and then I left for a conference in Phoenix with my sorority on July 18th and didn't get back until this past Sunday on July 15th. So I have been playing catch up the last few days trying to unpack and check some things off my to-do list. I am finally feeling rested and should be back to normal blog posts tomorrow. I have lost of fun posts coming your way! 

In other news my birthday is a week away which is crazy because I can't believe it is almost August. This summer is just going by so fast. Finally I dropped my camera and it broke (sad day) so I may not have a video to post for a little while in case you were wondering/looking for a video!
Here are a few photos in the mean time:

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