Sunday, August 5, 2018

Weekend Whereabouts #3 & Exciting News

I have really missed blogging the last few weeks but I just have been lacking on finding the time. I have been pretty busy with my internship ever since I got back from about three weeks of traveling. Then this past week I was kind of under the weather a bit. I know I said that I was going to be posting last week but time just got away from me. I do have lots of posts ideas coming and don't worry I will hopefully be posting my Martha's Vineyard travel log tomorrow! 

I had another busy weekend celebrating my birthday so I thought I would share what I was up to and catch you up on my life recently! Wednesday was my 21st birthday so I thought I would share a few pictures from my birthday. My sister and mom made dinner and a cookie cake and then we went out for a drink!

Friday after work we went out as a family to celebrate my birthday that was officially on Wednesday! We went out for a nice dinner on the water front and had a really fun time.  

Saturday night I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate my birthday and then we all hung out and drank lots of margaritas! The Trader Joe's margarita mix is to die for and it has pretty natural ingredients.  


Sunday I worked most of the day and then ran to Ulta for a few things but nothing too exciting. I ended the night working on some planner organization in my new Emily Ley Simplified planner! 

The exciting news is that...I got a new camera!! As I mentioned in my last blog post I dropped my camera and it was not working. This camera was a pretty basic digital camera I used to take videos on and then I used my phone to take blog pictures. The idea of wanting a nicer camera has been in the back of my mind for a while now however I just never wanted to spend the money. Once my camera broke I started doing looking but still didn't fully decide. Well as luck would have it the Canon Rebel was on a major sale at Target so I bought it! I don't really know what I am doing but I can't wait to improve the photo and video quality on the blog! I will for sure keep you updated on the leaning process but feel free to share any information you may have with me! I am super excited to try everything out. 

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