Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Is Here!!

I know I have mentioned I can't wait for the Lilly Pulitzer sale a few times on here recently well they finally released the dates and the sale is going to be September 10 - September 12th. It will start at about 8 AM on the 10th and go until 12 PM on the 12th. This sale is hands down the BEST way to get Lilly Pulitzer items discounted. Pretty much most of my Lilly Pulitzer items I have bought on sale. Some people are not too happy about the dates being moved. I guess I am a little sad it is not in August but at least their still is a sale! 

Lilly Pulitzer does one more sale after the new year but this sale after the end of the summer is always amazing! While I have no idea what items will be one sale I put together a "Wish List" of items I am hoping to find. You can check that out here. I am sure you have seen this announcement a bunch of times on plenty of blogs. So I am not going to give all the information you most likely already know. If you do have a question check out the sale check out this FAQ page .  

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