Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Autoimmune Story

Today I am sharing with you my autoimmune health story and this is probably one of the most nerve-racking posts to share but I really want to. When I started blogging back up again in May part of the reason I wanted to get back into it was that I now had a whole new area of content I wanted to share with Y'all. As I may have briefly mentioned here and there over the past year I have experienced a number of health related issues but I have not gone into much detail up until today!
 Part of my reasoning for taking a year off from my blog was partly due to my health. When I came back to blogging in May I had so many posts idea I wanted to share with you revolving around health and wellness. I even changed my blog name so I wasn't just stuck writing only about fashion. Though I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to share these topics with you. I understand now why so many people on Instagram and social media only choose to show their latest outfit or favorite beauty products. It's not because they don't have other things to talk about it's because sharing more personal things isn't comfortable. However, with that being said I am pushing those feelings aside and doing it anyway because I want to share my experiences and thoughts with Y'all in hopes of maybe helping others! I did try to give as broad of an overview as a could in this video but when I was sick I was extremely not my usual healthy self. I have big plans for a new series I am calling "Wellness Wednesday". In this series each week I will discuss some topic related to health and wellness. So I thought it was only fitting to start from the beginning and share my health journey with you. I made this into a video style post because it just seemed like too much to type up. I am warning you now it's a long one and it may be of no interest to you at all which is totally fine. I get that this is completely different from what I normally post so you may not be interested which is fine! Trust me I still will be posting plenty of fashion and beauty posts too. This is not what defines me it is just part of my life now and so with that here goes nothing! 


On a different note the video on my new camera is SO GOOD

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