Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Martha's Vineyard Travel Log

I am finally getting around to posting a travel log of what I did on my trip to Martha's Vineyard from almost a month ago now. I went with my sister, her friend, and my mom. The last time I was in Martha's Vineyard was the summer of 2015. I went with one of my best friends and our mom's for the first time after we graduated high school. My sister wanted to go really bad so we made sure once she graduated high school she would be able to go! She was nice enough to let me tag along on the trip and I am so glad I decided to book a flight and join them. We had the best time with perfect weather. I am completely in love with the island and a definitely want to go back again next summer! I wanted to share with you what we did each day in case you are looking for suggestions on the island. 

The Basics  

1. How Did We Get There? We flew on JetBlue to the island. If we lived closer to Boston or a ferry port than obviously that would make more sense but we don't so flying is the best bet. We booked the flight around the end of April and it was about $350 which wasn't terrible as I was watching the flight prices everyday. The flight left around 9am in the morning we had a layover in Boston and we got to Martha's Vineyard around 2ish. 

2. How Did We Get Around? We used the public transportation system that is on the island and bought a week pass. It was very reliable and we had no issues getting where we needed to.  

3. How Long Did You Stay? We flew in on a Wednesday and flew out on Sunday so we had three full days on the island.  

4. Where Did We Stay? We actually stayed at the hostel on the island which worked out fine because we really were not at the room other than than at night. We had a private room that slept the four of us. Hotels on the island are pretty expensive and most Airbnb's don't rent for only a few nights. 
Day One (July 11th)
We got into MV around 2ish and then we took the bus to the hostel and checked in. Once we checked in we went into Edgartown and got an early dinner at Espresso Love Cafe. They had lots of gluten free options and the food was so delicious. We took the food to go and ate dinner on south beach. We didn't end up swimming because it was a bit chilly but we enjoyed just walking on the beach. We then went back to Edgartown for an ice cream before getting the bus back to the hostel.    

Day Two (July 12th) 
Our first full day was spent taking a kayaking trip with Island Spirit Kayak. We booked the trip for 1:00pm (I think) or around that time. We ended up being the only four on the tour and we had the best time kayaking around near the jaws bridge. We even jumped off the jaws bridge! I took a little bit of video footage on my Go Pro which I made into a video below. After the kayaking we walked across the street to the beach a spent time swimming and getting a tan! We then headed to Oak Bluffs for dinner at Nancy's for some fresh lobster. After dinner we did some shopping in Oak Bluffs, walked around the gingerbread houses and then of course we had to finish off the night with another ice cream.    


Day Three (July 13th) 
When we were in Oak Bluffs for dinner we purchased Hi-Line cruise tickets to go to Nantucket for the day. We wanted to have as much time as we could so we made it a very early morning and took the 9am cruise trip. Once we got to Nantucket we rented bikes to ride around the island. It was pretty busy in town so after we checked out the Brant Point lighthouse we started biking on a bike path and ended up at Dionis Beach. We went for a swim to cool off because it was pretty warm. After our swim we biked to Something Natural for lunch which was right on the way back into town. I had a salad which was quite large and very good. We only had the bikes for four hours so after our late lunch we biked back into town to return the bikes. We then waited in line at the Juice Bar because no trip to Nantucket is complete without an ice cream from the Juice Bar! We finished our day looking around some of the shops in town before we had to catch the ferry back to Nantucket. We took the last boat back which was at 5pm or 6pm. Once we got back to MV we went to dinner in Edgartown at the Kelly House. Though on our way to dinner we saw the Vineyard Vines whale leaving a party in town and I GOT A PICTURE!! The food was really good and right in Edgartown. We finished the night walking to the lighthouse in Edgartown and shopping in town.    


Day Four (July 14th) 
We started the day visiting the alpaca farm at Island Alpaca. It was really cute because we could pet them and get really close to them. After the alpaca visit we went for lunch at Little House Cafe. They also had a lot of gluten free options and the food was so fresh! We then headed to check out the original Black Dog Tavern and store in Vineyard Haven. While we were in the area the coast guard just happened to be doing a search and rescue demonstration in the water which was really cool to watch.  We had dinner at the Net Result which is a very casual fish market. Finally we ended the night with some last minute shopping in Vineyard Vines and a final ice cream in Oak Bluffs. 

Day Five (July 15th)

We were not sure what exactly we were going to do because we didn't have enough time to really do anything major in the morning before our flight. Well the day was decided for us when I realized the night before once we were home that I lost my favorite sun hat. I thought I left it in the Black Dog store so I called first thing in the morning and sure enough they had it so we ended up spending the whole morning going back to Black Dog for my hat ;) 
If you have been to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket recently I would love to know what you did! I can always use some ideas for my next trip. 

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