Sunday, July 8, 2018

Six Reasons I Love Pure Barre

I have mentioned it a few times on the blog about my love for Pure Barre. I took my first class last summer in Hilton Head and I really liked it so I went as much as I could over the summer when I wasn't busy with work. The first class was definitely a challenge but in a good way. When I moved back home for the school year I knew I wanted to continue with it. Luckily there is a Pure Barre studio in Buffalo so I signed up for a membership this past fall. It isn't super close when I am away at college but I try to go 2-3 times a week when I am in school. I recently hit my 100th class milestone and I couldn't be more proud of myself for sticking with it. 

So today I wanted to share with you the reasons I love Pure Barre so much in case you have not tried it before, are thinking about trying it, or just love it as much as I do! In this post, I am simply going to share my love of the class. If y'all are interested I can do my fitness posts about my full workout routine and more specifics about the class. 

1. You Can Do The Class At Your Own Pace // I think my number one reason I love PB so much is each class can be modified to fit your needs. Whether you have an injury, are expecting, or have not worked out recently the moves can be adjusted so you still feel like you are getting a workout that is challenging but at your own level. When I got sick in December I didn't have a lot of energy but I was still able to go to Pure Barre I just did things differently. Maybe I would forget the weights, keep my leg lower or use the ball for my back just to name a few. 

2. It's Challenging In A Good Way // Even though you can modify the moves to fit your needs don't be fooled every class kicks my butt. Each class has its own challenges even after you have been doing it for a while. Like they say it doesn't get easier you just get stronger. 

3. The Class Is The Same At Any Studio // Pure Barre is a franchise so every studio is set up very similar and the classes all over the country are pretty much set up the same way. I love this because I can be traveling and visit another studio while still knowing exactly what to expect. The studio in Hilton Head I started going to was pretty much the exact same to the one in Buffalo I go to now. For me, I love the consistency. 

4. It's A Community  // The studio is such an amazing community of women. The teachers are so nice and the other women are so encouraging. Everyone pushes each other to try their hardest! The studios also set up a lot of social type activities like a Pure Barre and shopping party for example. 

5. I Can See My Body Changing // When I go at least three times a week consistently I can really notice a difference in how strong I feel. If I take a few weeks off and get back into it those first few classes are always so hard. You have to go regularly but when I do I notice my whole body is more toned especially my stomach and butt. 

6. It Doesn't Feel Like A Workout // I would say one of the most important reasons I continue to go is because I simply enjoy it. For the most part it never really feels like a workout in the traditional sense of the word. It is for sure a challenging class but I never dread going which is so important. I believe once you find a workout class you truly love it is so much easier to stick with it. Even if it's not Pure Barre it's important to find that one workout you don't hate going to. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe are encouraged to try a Pure Barre class if you haven't before. If you do take Pure Barre I would love to know what you love about the classes so much! 

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