Monday, September 17, 2018

Catching Up

Happy Monday I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I just wanted to sit down today and catch up with y'all so this post is going to be a whole lot of random thoughts. 

1. Weekend Whereabouts: I never posted a Weekend Whereabouts post last week but last weekend I went to a Hunter Hay's concert and had tons of fun. Every year my school puts on a fall concert at the start of the school year and I was super excited about this one especially since it was my last one. The only thing was the concert was outside and it happened to be quit cold but it was still great. I also got in some fall shopping with my sister. 
This weekend I went home and it was honestly so nice to just be home and hang out. I got my nails done and worked on way to much homework.    

2. Pure Barre Reform: When I was home over the weekend I tried the new Pure Barre class Pure Reform. WOW! It was way harder than I was expecting but I could definitely see how you could get super toned if you stuck with it at least once a week. I wasn't feeling 100% when I took the class but I want to give it another try when I am fully up to it. Have you tried it yet?  

3. Health: That leads me to my next point. This past week was super busy with school but I also wasn't feeling my best which is why I was a bit behind on blogging. Some weeks are harder than others and I had one of those weeks. I am going to get a wellness update post up this week at some point so I will talk more about it then. 
4. Homework: As much as I love blogging some days it is hard to fit it in with all the school work I have. This semester I just have so many homework assignments instead of larger tests which just means I have to do work pretty much every night. Obviously I only post when I have time but I wish I could post more often!
5. TV shows: GUYS This Is Us comes back next week as well as Grey's Anatomy. Who is just as excited as I am?! 


6. Congrats to Kate: Kate from a Lonestar Southern blog posted today on Instagram and she is engaged. She is the cutest and I have been reading her blog for years!   

Overwhelmed in the BEST way after the best weekend of 

7. Poshmark: I cleaned out my closet this past week and am selling some items on Postmark if you are interested at all!  

8. Hello Fresh: I was going to give Hello Fresh a try and it ended up being a complete bust. I order it and it was suppose to come Friday but it some how got damaged in shipment so I waited around my house Friday only to find out much later in the day it wasn't coming. In the end I decided to forget it because after looking at the menu items they didn't really have a selection for my diet restrictions. I did find Sun Basket that looked pretty good but it was pretty pricey. So I didn't end up trying any of them. Have you tried any meal delivery services? What was you experience with it? 

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