Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dog Items Wish List

Today I had this fun idea of sharing a dog wish list. Now I know that your thinking I don't have a dog  which is true but over the last year or so I have come across some pretty cute dog accessories I wanted to share with you. Most people probably don't know this but I have an obsession with Corgi's and Portuguese Water Dogs. My love for Portuguese Water Dogs started about 5-6 years ago when we were on vacation and someone had this dog on their boat. I feel in love with them. Fun fact this is also the dog that Obama has! As for my love for Corgi's I don't exactly know when it started other than I saw them on Instagram and the queen has Corgi's. They are just the cutest thing. I do love cats because that is what I have grown up with but I also really want these two dogs. While I am not getting one in the near future the next best thing I can do is shop for accessories ;) So I wanted to share just a few cute things I have come across. I would love to know what dog accessories are your favorite. 


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