Wednesday, June 11, 2014

15 fashion questions and answers

So as I was coming up with today's blog post I decided I wanted you to learn more about me and my style. So I looked up a fashion blogger tag and found 15 questions that I am going to answer, so you can learn more about me!

Q1: What is your favorite style to wear?
A1: I would say that me style changes a bit with the seasons. I tend to wear more girly clothes in the warm months and more edgy clothes in the winter.  However my favorite style is girly, dainty with bright colors and fun accessories. I love classy and preppy with a little twist.

Q2: Who is your fashion role model? 
A2: Lauren Conrad, I love her style and it pretty much explains mine! Aside from "famous" people everyday fashion bloggers are my role model!

Q3: What do you always have on? 
A3: My first thought to this question is clothes, obvs! But seriously I always have on some piece of jewelry whether it be earrings, a bracelet or a necklace.

Q4: What are your favorite jeans? 
A4: This question is hard for me to answer because to be honest I have never been head over heals in  love with a pair of jeans. I have two problems when it comes to jeans. One they don't fit my big thighs or they fit my thighs but then they are way to big in the wast. Probably if I was willing to spend more money I could find the perfect pair but for right now I am good with my $50 jeans. So I would say my favorite pair is Express boyfriend Jeans which I got on sale after the holidays. In general I love boyfriend jeans because they have more of a relaxed fit, which fit my legs. My second favorite pair would be American Eagle  jeggings. Do you have any jean suggestions?

Q5: What are your favorite sunglasses? 
Q5: Well I have percription sunglasses so when I buy a pair which is about every other year, I have to LOVE them. This winter I bought a new pair at Lens crafters during black friday after my old ones were stolen. I was drawn towards wayfarers when I went to buy a new pair. So I ended up with this pair and I love them!
Another thing to think about when picking sunglasses is your face shape because I known I love some sunglasses but they just do not look good on me. So I recommend taking this quiz to help! 

Some more of my favorites:            
Luv these 
These  match my glasses! 

Q6: What are your favorite shoes? 
This questions is SO hard because I am a shoe girl so I couldn't pick just one. My top 4 are white converse, Sperry boat shoes, brown riding boots and brown sandals.
Riding boots                 

Q7: Who influenced you to write about fashion? 
A7: Not one person in particular I have just followed fashion blogs for a while and thought it would be fun to share my style with the world! I love doing it because it gives me a way to share and express myself. I have no regrets for starting my blog, I just regret not staring it sooner and I encourage you to follow your dreams! 

Q8: What is your favorite store? 
A8: I can not pick one but here is a list of my top stores! 

Q9: What is your favorite fashion person on Youtube?
A9:  If you did not know I love watching youtube video so this was not hard for me. These people do not just make fashion videos but I love there channels and style. 

Q10: What's your favorite fabric? 
A10: Cotton I guess because it's comfortable. I also love seersucker even though I don't have much of it. Oh and lace too. 

Q11: Who is your favorite model? 
A11: I don't really follow models or known there names because I like everyday people on blogs who "model" there clothes because I think this is more realistic. So I do not have a favorite model. 

Q12: If you had $5000 to spend on one item, what would it be? 
A12: A really cute Kate Spade, Tory Burch or Louis Vuitton handbag for sure! I am a sucker for handbags. 

 Q13: Heels or flats? 
A13: While I love heels I would have to say flats because they are more comfortable and practicle. Though do wedges count as a heel because I love them too. 

Q14: What purse do you currently use? 
A14: This one which I got on sale using a promo code! I love that it looks expensive but its not.

Q15: Is fashion in your blood your jeans? 
A15: My blood, I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. Of coarse it has evolved over the years but I have never stopped loving fashion in fact my love of fashion has grown stronger. My sister also likes fashion, not as much as I do but she definitely does.

Wow that took awhile but I hoped you enjoyed getting to known my fashion better! I liked doing this a I am thinking of doing a more personal tag some time. Speaking of that sense this is a tag, I tag all of you to answer these questions on your blog or in the comments. I love reading these!

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