Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY fabric bow bracelet

Today I am going to show you how to make a fabric bow bracelet!! But before we hop into this project I need to make a little disclaimer. I did not come up with this idea, I saw a bunch like this on Etsy. With that said I am not trying to take away business from any sellers. I simply thought it would be fun to make my own (with the help of my sister). If you do not want to make one you can purchases one from sellers Here and Here! Finally I did not have any pattern, I just winged it so if you have another way of doing some of these steps then buy all means do that! Ok now lets have some fun......

This is the finished product!

* Fabric (I bought a fat quarter at Joann which was more than enough). A tip when picking the fabric is to look for a pattern with a design that when you cut it out you can still tell what it was. This whole bracelet is made with fabric so with is the most important part.
* Scissors 
* Fabric glue 
* Ruler 
* Fabric marker 
* Pins 
*Sewing machine- you could hand sew it but it would take longer
* Needle
* Thread- I used cream on all 3 but you could change it every time to match the fabric 
* Ribbon end jewelry crimp- found them at Joann with the jewelry claps 
* 2 jump rings  (came in a pack with the crimps) 
* 1 clasp (came in a pack with the crimps)  
* Flat nose pliers 

Making the Band: 
Step 1: Draw out with a fabric marker a 15 1/2 cm by 2 1/2 cm rectangle on the fabric. You can make the length longer or shorter depending on your wrist size but remember to leave room for the clasp. 

Step 2: Cut out the fabric making sure to leave extra on all side because we are going to fold it over. The cutting dose NOT have to be perfect. 

Step 3: Using fabric glue fold over the fabric to the line you drew and glue it down to the non patterned side. Do this for a 4 sides. 

Step 4: Let the glue dry for a little bit. 
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 again so that you have two fabric bands. 
Step 6: Pin the 2 pieces together with the glue side facing in so you won't see it. 
I forgot to get a picture until after I had already sewed it so just disregard the stitching!  
Step 7: Sew the pieces together right along the edge.  

Making the bow: 

Step 1: Trace out an 11 by 11 cm square  with a fabric marker on the fabric. You can make the square smaller or bigger depending on how big/small you want your bow.

Step 2: Cut out the pieces right on the line 

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 so that you have two square pieces. 
Step 4: Pin the pieces together with the pattern side facing in. 

Step 5: Sew the pieces together leaving a little whole to pull the fabric threw. 

Step 6: Hand sew the whole using an invisible stitch (tutorial here)

Note: I chose to do the bow so that the switching would not show however if you wanted it to you could always follow the same steps as we did for the band. Also if you do not what the switching seen on the band then follow the steps used for making the bow! 


Step 1: Accordion pin the square fabric together

Step 2: Cut a strip of fabric to wrap around the bow. I did not really measured it, I just eye bulled it. You can make the band as thick or as think as you want. I chose to use the glue and sew method but you could do the invisible stitch or just leave it after you cut it. It's all up to you.  

Step 3: Take the pin out and glue the strip to the bow as you wrap it around using the fabric glue.

Step 4: Sew the bow to the fabric band but it dose NOT have to be perfect because you won't see it when you wear it. 

Step 5 (optional): Take a straightening iron and iron out the wrinkles.  
Step 6: Clamp down the jewelry clasp to both sides and add the clasp and jump ring. To do this use a pair of flat nose pliers. 


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