Thursday, June 26, 2014

OOTD: Boho necklace and wedges

OOTD: I love the simple and boho feel of this look. I tried to take some different shots then my usual and I had a lot of fun doing it! It makes me want to spend more time on my photos and make them more "artsy" because a blog revolves around pictures. It also inspires me to take photos at different locations. I am definitely going to experiment with this now that I have more time to take pictures with it being the summer. 

1. T-shirt: Aerie
2. Jean shorts: Target (similar)
3. Beaded necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)
4. Bracelet: made it
5. Sunnies: Ray-ban
6. Cross body bag: Francesca's (similar) (similar) 
7. Wedges: Toms

On my summer bucket list I had wrote I wanted to blog everyday! So my plan is still to do my regular fashion, DIY and baking posts but I am also going to do a Daily rundown of things I do each day! 

Note to self: Take more pictures of the things I do through out my day to make the daily summer rundowns more interesting! 

Summer Rundown #2- June 25th 
* Worked out 
* Got a gel manicure with friends and then went for dessert 

Summer Rundown #3- June 26th 
* Went for breakfast at Panera 
* Tried the new Starbucks blackberry mojito tea lemonade and LOVED it 

* Worked on sewing a seersucker dress with my sister 
* Practiced parallel parking (my driving test is tomorrow 😬)
* Took blog pics
* Going to a friends bonfire

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