Monday, June 2, 2014

Blogger inspirational wants

I shared my spring/summer wants a little while back. While I still want some of those things on that list I am always adding and deleting things I want. While I LOVE reading and following blogs there is one down side. It makes me want things or similar things I see on others blogs. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my current wants that come from different blogs. I am NOT buying all of these items obviously at once though my b-day is coming up in a few months and I know some of these items will show up on my b-day list! 
1/2- Barrington tote- These tote bags from Barrington (can't decide which one I like better) are amazing. I love the size, pattern, color selection and the fact that you can monogram it! This bag comes from both Life with Emily's blog and Southern curls and pearls.
3. This White purse is similar to the Tory Burch seen on Southern curls and pearls but its way less expensive.
4. This clutch is also similar to the Gigi new york one on Southern curls and pearls but way less expensive. Its not as cute but a good price point
5. This bracelet is directly from Southern Curls and pearls
6. This clutch is from Southern curls and pearls
7. This monogram t-shirt is similar to one seen on Fash Boulevard's blog a little while back
8. This beach hat is from Southern curls and pearls
9. This watch is not from a particular blog but it reminds of a Kate Spade watch for less money
10. Forever 21/ cheap rings is from all fashion blogs in general
11.  This American eagle vest is similar to one seen on Life with Emily's blog
12. This dress is not from a specific blog but I really like it
13. These shorts are similar to ones seen on Southern curls and peals blog
14. This top is seen on both Southern curls and pearls as well as J's everyday fashion
15. This dress is similar to one seen on Life with Emily's blog
16. This Skirt is from no blog in-particular but I really like it
17. This dress is inspiration from Hello fashion's blog post about pineapple clothes.

I also wanted to mention this website which I discovered over the weekend. It is a website with top blogs from the south. I love all the blogs and suggest you cheek the website out. Also it looks like they are trying to start a company for each region of the United States which I think would be so cool!

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed it! I went to diner with my family on Friday and Sunday,  had a mini shopping trip at kohl's and just hung out! 

PS: Stay tuned this week for a fun DIY project I am working on!

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