Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend rundown- OOTD, Father's Day, Endless Love and more!

Hi, I am back! I have been busy this past few days with being sick with a cold last week and 4 final exams this week that I have needed to study for. So needless to say that my outfits have been lacking lately. However over the weekend I was busy, had some fun and looked cute while doing it! So I thought I would share with you what I wore and did this past weekend. I was going to post this yesterday but I just had no time (sorry about that).

Friday: I had no exams on Friday which was nice. I practiced driving for my road test next week in the morning. Then me and my grandma took a trip to JCP. I normally do not find much there but I love the Joe Fresh brand they sell. I feel in love with this brand after I visited a store in Toronto a few years ago. I ended the day with a quick DIY project. Then dinner with the fam and ice cream with a friend!

Dress: J-crew factory
Shoes:  Payless (similar)
Earrings: Local store (similar)
JCP items:

The DIY project is made with clay and a mold. Want a post on the steps?  
Forgot to take a pic of mine, but hey this still makes me hungry!
Sorry bad with remembering pics 
Saturday: This was a pretty chill day for me. I studied, went to work, hung out and painted my nails. But the thing that made this day was watching the movie Endless love. I have to admit I was not that excited for the movie when I first saw the trailer. Plus when I looked the movie up online it got bad review :( Though my sister rented it before I got home so I decided to watch it. I ended up LOVING the movie. I think it's safe to say that it's one of my favorite  romance movies. I love the plot and it's way better than I expected. I think that the trailer is a poor representation of what the movie is really about! There is more to the plot then what it shows. From my understanding this is a remake of an older movie which I did not know until reading reviews online which is partly why people I think are against it. Now I have never seen the original movie so I can't speak from that aspect. Not only do I love the plot but also the acting, style/outfits of Jade (main girl), and the music. Yes I do look at the outfits don't judge;) The music selection in my opinion makes a movie even better. I loved all the songs from pumpin blooddon't find another loveall our endless lovecrickets peaches,  and ends of the earth ! Have you seen this movie?   

Sunday: Sunday was Father's day and my grandparents came over for dinner. We had shrimp pasta, rolls and veggies. My sister even made a dairy free chocolate raspberry cheese cake (recipe?) which was amazing.

Tank: Kohl's
Navy Skirt: Target (similar)
Sandals: American Eagle 

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