Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I got a haircut

On Sunday I was feeling kind of blah about myself. As I was scrolling threw Pinterest I came across a hairstyle board. Like that it hit me and I thought "hey that is what I need a new hairstyle". I began scrolling threw tons of Pictures and decided I wanted a longer angled bob (The pinterest board I created) .  I always seem to cut my hair shorter in the summer for two reasons. One I just can't stand it because it gets so frizzy and two I just get sick of it. This winter around the time I started my blog I decided to grow my hair out long however I guess I am just not cut out for having long hair. I never get to nervous about my haircut because I trust my hairdresser and I usually always like it. Anyway enough talking here it is.... 

Sorry about the bad picture qualify 


I love the way it turned out but it's going to take a bit to get use to it. A few times today I ran my hands threw my hair and got freaked out because it feels so short but I love it :)

Summer Rundown #43- August 5th
* Got a hair cut 
* Worked on tons of blog stuff before we leave for vacation 

PS: Stayed tuned for a hair care routine next week

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