Saturday, August 2, 2014

Steal vs splurge: Shep shirt

Hi everyone I am back with an amazing steal vs. splurge. Yesterday I took the day off from blogging because it was my birthday and I had know time to post anything. I was going to post my b-day outfit today but I left my camera in the car and I am settled in bed and to tired to get it (#sorry). I spent the whole night cleaning out my closets and room (it's exhausting). Anyway today's steal vs. splurge is inspired by my birthday. My mom got me this amazing Orvis sweatshirt and it look A LOT like a shep shirt. So I thought I would share with you this great steal :) PS: plus the quality of the Orvis one is amazing. 

Steal: Orvis $54 / Splurge: Vineyard Vines $125 

I really think this steal is an amazing buy and it's on sale so I would order it now before it sells out :) 
Hope you are having a great weekend and see you back tomorrow for an OOTD

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