Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Vacation in Pictures

I am back from vacation! So am officially back to daily posting and not scheduled posts (I really did not like doing that). I had a great time on vacation in Canada with family. We went boating, swimming, tubing and had tons of fun on the water. The weather was pretty crappy for 3 days but we still managed to have lots of fun. I always love going to our cottage we rent even though it's in the middle of NO where. It's nice to get away from everything with no Internet, stores and worries! I took lots of pictures and so I am going to show you my trip through pictures :)

Boats on dock where we stayed 
Butter tart's are the thing in Canada 

Puzzle #1 on rainy days 

Beautiful boat house 
Gotta love HUGE cottages on the water

Fish restaurant that is on an island so you can only get there by boat or plane :) 

Water plane on someones dock

The last swim was SO COLD (66 F)
Wrapped up after the cold swim

Your cottage 
Played the game Wits and Wagers  (#sofun) 
Beach at resort 
Puzzle #2 
Dinner time 

First time playing shuffle board 

Super cute decorations in a home store 

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