Thursday, August 14, 2014

My hair care routine

Today I am going to share with you my daily hair care routine and talk all about hair. I finally feel like I have a hair care routine I love and it's largely in part to a product I discovered a few months ago!! We will get into that later but first you should know what my hair is like. It's SUPER frizzy and curly. It also gets pretty dry and damaged because I do straighten it often. I really hate doing my hair and I want it to be quick hence way I decided to cut it short.

Shampoo and Condition: 
I really am not picky with what I use to wash my hair. I am always changing it up and trying different ones. However I thought I would show you what I am currently using because I am liking it and it smells amazing.

Herbal Essence shine collection

Deep Conditioner: 
I have used this Aussie stuff for almost a year now and I really like it. I only use it once and while but I do use it more in the winter. I have tried coconut oil but it made my hair SO greasy. It literally felt wet it was so greasy (#nasty). I could probably try it again and use WAY less but I really like my Aussie conditioner. 
Aussie three minute miracle
Leave in Treatment: 
This is the stuff that has completely changed my hair. Last time I got my hair done they used this it's a 10 on my hair so I decided to give it a go and I fell in LOVE. I thought I loved Sebastian potion 9 until I tried this stuff. It smells amazing, leaves my hair feeling so soft and not frizzy. I literally can just put this stuff in and let my hair dry and it makes the perfect curl jell do. It literally has so many benefits (definitely 10). The only down side to this stuff is that it's a bit expensive however it works so good and I spend a small amount on the rest of my hair that I think this stuff is SO worth it. If you are think of trying it, just do it ;-) They also have other products under this line I have not tried yet! 

It's a 10 leave in product 
Hair oil: 
This Argan oil I bought at Marshall's for $10 dollars and it's pure Argan oil (such a steel). I love Argan oil for split ends and dry hair. I put this on the ends of my hair and it feels so great even on your hands! 

Argan magic hair oil

Hair Straightener: 
This hair straightener I bought because my hair dresser used this straightener on my hair. It is literally amazing and I do not think I will ever find anything better. It is so light and thin. But the best part is that it leaves your hair so smooth & soft with out getting frizzy. It's a bit pricey but if you buy it online you can get some good deals on it. 

BaByliss Nano Titanium ultra thin straightener 
Heat Protectant: 
To be honest I really do not use heat protectant that much now that I use It's a 10. However when I do I use this heat protectant to keep it from frizzing and saving my hair from damage. I am not to picky on my heat protectant but this is what I am currently using. 

Organix heat protectant

Hair Spray:
I discovered this hair spray after buying a travel size of it for a trip last year. I fell in love with this stuff because it dose not leave your hair sticky or stiff. It also does a good job of locking in the frizz. 

John Frieda hair spray 

I hope you enjoyed this post that was a bit different then my usual outfits. Let my know if you have any question or suggestions for products for me to try. What is your favorite hair products?  

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