Monday, August 18, 2014

Steal vs Splurge: Navy Vest

Today I was planning on posting an outfit but then something really EXCITING happened today. Glamcenter on Instagram posted a picture about my blog and instantly my Instagram and blog started blowing up. My sister came running to me saying "Melanie go on Instagram now". I love my blog and creating post but there is no felling in the world when other people think so to. I can not thank her and everyone who has been checking out my blog enough. Anyway her Instagram post was highlighting my steal vs. splurge posts I sometimes do. So in honor of Glamcenter I have a new steal vs. splurge :)

Steal: Target- only black online but check your local store / Splurge: Gap
About a month ago I was shopping in Gap and came across this amazing navy blazer with a striped under cuff which made it the perfect blazer. However it was $88 dollars so I passed it up. Then a few weeks ago I was shopping at Target and came across one that was identical to the Gap one and it was only $35 dollars so I had to get it. The Target one has the same style with the striped under cuff. If you are interested in it I suggested you go to Target NOW because I can only find the black one online and I bought it in the stores a few weeks ago.

The Target blazer I bought 

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