Friday, August 29, 2014

L.L. Bean Store

Yesterday we got back from an over night trip to Rochester, NY so I was way to tired to post anything last night. Then today I had a end of summer party which I will post about later. But for today I am going to share with you some fun pictures from visiting an L.L. Bean store. We went to a water park when we were away but we also managed to get some shopping in at one of my favorite malls (The Eastview mall). Going to the L.L. Bean store was such a fun experience to see all these products in person, to see them monogram items right in front of you and to take pictures with a HUGE bean boot. We also stopped at a store called Van Maur which I had never heard of before which was really nice. I hope you enjoy these day trip pictures and I recommend going to the Eastview mall or an L.L. Bean store if you live near either of them :)

The Store: 

What I Bought: 
Boat and Tote
They monogrammed it right in the store when I was there 

Socks for riding boots

What I Want: 
Bean boots
How cute are these key rings? 

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