Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas Q & A

My family just got home from Christmas Eve lunch with our close family friends. We go to there house every year and have french onion soup and perogies. I have a few hours before we head out to attend the Christmas eve church service. So I thought it would be fun to answer 20 questions about the holidays. These are questions that you are suppose to answer everyday until Christmas however I am just going to combine the questions into one post here. I hope you have a great night and Christmas day. Mine has been relaxing and also oddly warm (I feel like I am in North Carolina). While I love the warm weather it feels weird having always grown up having such a cold Christmas. Anyways I hope you find this blog post fun and I will see you guys back here Friday as I am taking a day off from blogging ;) 

Q1: What is your favorite Christmas movie? 
A1: Ok so my favorite funny movie would have to be Christmas with the Krank's. Yes I know you were all thinking I would probably say Elf but I am really not a fan of that movie.  I also like the Polar Express and Angles Sing (probably because I love Connie Britton). 



Q2: What in on your Christmas list? 
A2: Well I did a full blog post on this so check out my Christmas List here.  


Q3: Favorite Christmas song? 
A3: Well I can't pick just one so my favorites are: I'll Be Home, Snow Globe, Wish You Were Here, Wrapped In Red and Cold December Night. I like the ones that you don't hear ALL the time. 






Q4: Best gift you have ever received? 
A4: This is really hard but I am going to have to go with my Macbook Pro I got last year because it makes it so easy to do work and blog :) Though I have loved all my gifts I have gotten over the years.    

Q5: Your favorite tree ornament? 
A5: My Favorite ornament would have to be one my sister and me picked out when we went to NYC a couple of years ago. I love the colors of it and it has a ton on memories behind it. I love ornaments that have meaning. I was thanking I should start an ornament collection with all the places I travel. I think that would be a useful souvenir and I am planning to do this in 2015!!    

Q6: Most memorable Christmas?  
A6: While all Christmas are memorable in there own way one Christmas I will never forget is when my grandparents bought my sister and me a John Deere car. While we drove that car to death the thing that was most memorable about the gift was they wrapped the WHOLE box in paper. I honestly don't even know how they did it but it was amazing. I remember coming up stairs and the box took up the whole hallway!! 


Q7: Show a picture of your Christmas decor 
A7: We have lots of decor but here is a sneak peak into our decorations!!! 

Q8: Who is the easiest person to buy gifts for? 
A8: Probably my sister just because I know here style and what she likes. We are very similar in what we like so it's not to hard to buy for her.   

Q9: Who is the hardest person to buy gifts for? 
A9: Hands down my dad he is literally impossible to buy anything for. We always just get him new clothes though it's not that exciting for him. Most times he just ends up picking something out himself and then we wrap it. 

Q10: What is your favorite holiday scent? 
A10: For sure Yankee Candle Holiday Sage. I serious have loved this stuff for years and have never gotten sick of it. 

Q11:  What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?
A11: Well we don't have really any "Traditions" necessary that are not general holiday traditions. However my mom always makes a brunch every year that is SO good so that would have to be my favorite tradition.   

Q12: What is your favorite Christmas Eve Tradition? 
A12: Going to the late Christmas church service and going every year to our family friends house for lunch.  

Q13: Wrapping paper or gift bags? 
A13: Definitely wrapping paper gift bags are just not fun. You can't rip open a gift bag like you can wrapping paper. I will always wrap gifts even though I suck at it. 

Q14: Real or artificial tree? 
A14: I have always grown up with a real tree and even though they can be messy I can't imagine anything different. There is just nothing like the smell of a Christmas tree. 

Q15: When do you open gifts? 
A15: We open all the gifts in the morning of coarse the morning has gotten latter each year as my sister and me have gotten older. We use to open gifts at like 6 in the morning. We sometimes will start with our stocking and then open the rest of our gifts. We normally open all our gifts before we have brunch.  

Q16:  What is your favorite stocking stuffer? 
A16: This is way to hard just to pick one. I love stocking stuffers because they are normally useful fun things that are not on your list. To get an ideas for what I like check out my gift guide here.  

Q17: Do you travel on the holidays? 
A17: As for right now in my life no. We have always stayed home as a family and celebrated Christmas at home. When my grandparents lived near us they would come over but we never travel. Who knows what I will do in the feature though because I love traveling especially to family. 

Q18: Favorite Christmas meal? 
A18: Like I said my mom always makes a Christmas Brunch witch consists of a blueberry stratabreakfast bake and money bread. Oh and you can't forget the sparkling grape juice. I love this meal and wouldn't want anything different. 

Q19: Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? 
A19: I love both but I don't drink dairy so my eggnog is actually soy nog and and I love West Soy peppermint hot chocolate.  

 Q20: What is your favorite Christmas book? 
A20: Well  I asked my mom and she told me these were the Christmas books I loved as a kid: A Wish to be a Christmas Tree, Cookie Count and The 12 Bugs of Christmas. 

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