Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: Handbags

Decisions, decisions. It's such a toss up which one I have more of an obsession with handbags or coats. I would say that it's almost tied but handbags might win by just a tiny bit. I guess it's fair to say pretty much I have an obsession with everyday fashion hence why I write a daily fashion blog. This gift guide includes handbags from all different prices ranges. I actually don't own any of these handbags but I would LUV any of these for a Christmas gift. Though I am trying to restrain myself from another bag. I would have to say my top two bags are the tartan handbag and the tan Tory Burch bag. I tried to include a wide variety of styles from clutches to crossbody to totes. As well as a wide variety of colors though most of these bags come in many color. I would love to know if you asked for a handbag for Christmas and if so which one!!!! 

Side Note: Tomorrow I am posting an OOTD and taking a one day brake from my gift guide extravaganza week. Sorry if you miss my outfits but I love making these gift guides. I didn't want to wait to publish them as we are all buying gifts right now. I would have liked to had them more spread out throughout November but I just didn't plain ahead (#ops)!! 

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