Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Outfit #2 (Fancy & Semi-Casual)

After school today I had a major blog photo-shoot and I was able to get caught up on a bunch of outfits. I also finished shooting my holiday outfit ideas. In case you were wondering yes I as FREEZING in this sleeveless top while taking these pictures. A super cute pair of bow gloves would have gone perfectly. For the second part of my holiday outfit ideas I am wearing a new blouse I got for less then $20 at J-crew Factory.  I am showing you how to dress the top up and also down to give a semi-causal look. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. The second outfit pictures did not turn out as good because we took them inside for something different. I still have not found the trick to taking quality indoor pictures (maybe there isn't one).  Tomorrow I am going to be be positing one last post on holiday outfits. The post is a last minute thought I had so check back tomorrow for more outfit ideas!!!
Today I made fudge for our holiday party this weekend and went shopping for supplies. Which was fun because I have not done much holiday baking yet. Tomorrow is our last day of school and I can't believe Christmas is one a week away (#timeflies).   


Top: J. Crew Factory  / Skirt:  Joe fresh for JCP / Heels: Payless (similar) / Bracelet: Local Boutique / Earrings: Target (similar)

Casual (Tried changing it up and took these pictures inside so the quality is not as good. Still working on that and am always open to suggestions/help). 

Top: J-Crew Factory / Leggings: J.Crew Factory / Heels: Payless (similar) / Bracelet: Loft (similar-want these) / Earrings: My Flat In London

Our x-mss tree ;) 

My new favorite Christmas Song:)  

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