Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Poncho Sweater OOTD & Inspiration

I just finished watching the winter finally of Nashville and it's so GOOD.  I never watch TV shows in real time anymore but last week the preview looked so good so I decided to stay up later and watch it. It was so worth staying up and you have to see it if you follow the show (It's one of my favs)!! On another note today I went on a field trip to a inner city school and gave Christmas gifts to kids and did fun activities with them. It was so cute to see all these kids open there gifts. With all the holiday shopping often times it's so easy to forget what Christmas is all about. I have to admit even I get wrapped up in gift guides and Christmas list's that the true meaning is often forgotten. So I encourage you to help some one this holiday season whether it be donating a gift or even your time ;)  

For today's outfit I am sporting a poncho sweater which seem to be in this winter. Now when I think of poncho's I don't think of something cute however if it's the right style and worn with the right thing it can be chic. This sweater literally feels like I am wearing a blanket and it's so warm!!! I got this for less then $30 at Forever 21 so I suggest you check out your Forever 21 and get it quick;) Would you wear a poncho? 

Poncho: Forever 21 / T-Shirt: Gap / Leggings: Aerie / Boots: Macy's / Boot Socks: L.L. Bean / Earrings: Target (similar) / Headband: American Eagle / Handbag: Tommy Hilfiger (similar) 

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