Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Sisters Debut

Well if you are sick of me lately then you are in for a treat because my sister is the one in the pictures today. She normally takes my pictures but we swap roles for the day. We both have similar styles and we love shopping together. She wore this outfit over the weekend and it looked so good so I thought I would share it with you guys for something different. She got this new Vineyard Vines sweatshirt from my grandparents and it looks so cute. Which speaking of things I got a curling wand from them and I used it this morning before school and my hair looks great. I am thinking of doing a full review on it once I  have used it longer (thoughts?).  I have to say it was kind of fun being the one taking the pictures. While she takes WAY better pictures it was fun to switch it up for a change. I really like all aspects of blogging but the one thing I could live with out is modeling the outfits I put together. I can never come up with create poses so all my pictures look similar. 

In my last post I said I would be posting a second holiday outfit look which will be up tomorrow. I was planing out taking the pictures today but it was dark when I got home from being at my internship (don't know if I have mentioned this at all). I can not wait for BREAK (2 days left)!!! Tonight I worked on making my ugly Christmas sweater for our party on Sunday. Which I am still going to blog about. You are just going to have to wait for the big reveal of my sweater. Ok before I wrap this up I just wanted to say if you have not checked out The College Prepster's blog you must do so NOW. I have recently stated to really read her blog and I love her content. It's so relatable (this literally sums up my winter blogging)  and her style is amazing!! 

Sweatshirt: Vineyard Vines / Jeans: NY & CO / Necklace: Get name Necklace / Boots: Payless (similar) (similar) / Earrings: Target 

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