Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Guide 2014: Family

Today's gift guide is a little bit different then my usual because it does not have to do with fashion (#shocking). When I was planning my gift guide series I knew I wanted to include a Mom & Dad gift guide. Though I was having trouble because all the things you could give your Mom where already going to be in other gift guides. As for Dad's I feel they all like different things and it's hard to group then under one gift guide. So I came up with the idea of a family gift guide. It includes things a family can do together, or it's something the whole family can all use/enjoy or or it's an item that is not gender specific. I am really excited about the list of things I created. I would say the items are unique and some are even smaller businesses. I hope you enjoy this gift guide as much as I do and I would love to know what your favorite idea is. 

Side Note: I am going to be wrapping these gift guides up in the next few days. So if you are waiting for OOTD they are coming. I promise I will post one tomorrow so you don't have to wait until all these gift guides are done!! 

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